Activities At Camp

Burma Bridge (90 ft. long)

The Burma Bridge consists of a bottom wooden ladder, which you walk on; connected to two cables, which are “hand rails”, Wearing a harness connected to a cable above your head. Even the slightest breeze has you wobbling precariously over to the one side.The famous words “don’t look down” are totally negated here, as you have to concentrate on placing your feet neatly on the ladder, while staring wide-eyed down at the potential plunge. Even though you know that, you cannot fall because you are strapped in and connected to the top cable.

Flying Fox (90 ft. long)

The Zipline is a safe and a super fun activity. Flying by the seat of the pants, one can enjoy a fun filled ride and also let go of the fear of heights. There is almost 90% guarantee that anyone who has the fear of flying or of heights will feel like a new person altogether after this one!

Mowgli Walk

Mowgli Walk is a real fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy. This shows how much one can balance and keep a properly confident body posture.

Beam Balancing

Most people can walk on the beam easily without holding the belay log, however, the perceived ability is usually much lower than the actual ability to walk the beam. This tests mental strength & persistence.

Rope Balancing

Learn the expert survival techniques of how ropes can be life savers!!

River Crossing (90 ft.)

River Crossing requires clear communication as well as the passing of critical information from person to person. This event will show what happens when there are gaps in communication and the resulting frustration will be a source of long dialogue. It requires one person to hang from a rope (technique taught by the experts) and cross the river using the hand’s strength.This is a fun activity that your group will not forget and relates easily back to work.

Nature Treks

Invite your friends for a worth experiencing nature trek in the 7 kms long Pine Forest jeweled with mother nature’s surprises.

Loop Bridge

Baden Powell was the man that bought this ancient techique of crossing rivers used by the armies to cross enemy territories from right here…India. Monkey Bridge is a bridge made literally of 3 ropes & is a fun activity to conduct in groups.

Bird Watching

Discover a variety of rare bird species like Common Coots, Green Pigeons, Koklass Pheasant (Himachal’s State Bird), Black Patridge, Khaleej Pheasant, Scarlet Minivet, Blue Jay & many more….

Commando Crawling, Trench Crawling & more…

NOTE: The activities schedule is subject to change depending on the weather conditions for that particular day. The activities can be canceled by the instructors without prior notice. Your life & health are more important to us than your thrill for an adventure!