What is GLAMPing?

Thursday, 28 June 2012 by

GLAMPing Camping or Glamping or Glamorous Camping in general is a concept that not many people are yet aware of. Glamping is basically a new terminology for a new kind of camping. Just recently, a news channel coined this term which at the core means “to camp in luxury”. What we mean here by camping

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Camping as an outdoor or a family activity has not yet reached out to or influenced the parents and teachers of India the way it should. The opportunities for them are massive but it’s just not sunk in as deep as it could. Most parents & teachers still have a traditional way about things and

Adventure Camps In India

Thursday, 14 June 2012 by

Our friends at Easter Mountain Sports who have been constantly churning out some of the best camping & adventure equipment & gear for the longest time, have come out with yet another awesome infographic. This one is an interesting mix of things most people forget to carry during their camping camps in India. We thought we

Top 5 Desert Camps In India

Wednesday, 13 June 2012 by

As the owner of a wonderful camping retreat ourselves, we believe while choosing a camping destination, location of the campsite is extremely important. It is what could make or break your camping experience. India is full of camps and some of the best camps in India, we find are situated right in the middle of

It’s that time of the year again when you and your friends want to go for that hiking trip you’ve been planning for ages. With the variety of gadgets available in the market, it could be really confusing to scan out the ones that are worth keeping. After all we wouldn’t want you to come

 Hey Folks! Summers in India can be unforgivably draining ,of course depending on what part of India you’re from. The odds are that you’ll end up breaking more than just a sweat or two at any point. Camping as an activity can help one feel refreshed & rejuvenated as connection with nature is a lot

Internet is a wonderful tool to stumble upon another man’s piece of art & creativity from far out of the corners. Just today while goofing around on what other fellow campers all over the world might be doing at this time, I found Eastern Mountain Sports’ website. Might I say, it was quite a lucky

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History of Nahan

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HISTORY OF NAHAN   The quiet town of Nahan has not been a place that has been frequently visited by many travelers. The reason behind this being the fact that its heritage, beauty and culture have all been underestimated by most. The small town has a small population and is growing to become one of

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