In the day & age of Facebook, multi-functional gadgets, star studded malls & the iPads, timing your child’s schedule can be something of a challenge, especially during holidays. Deciding how your child can learn more during this time can drive most modern-age parents nuts just thinking about it. Parents would agree that their childhood differs from their child’s as technology has replaced most outdoor activities. Fun & thrilling activities that can enhance mental & physical stimulation leading to overall development of personality now seem to have faded with time. This is where we come in! Our endeavor is to surprise your children by exposing them to nature’s treats for an enthralling experience that can never be felt on your TV set nor on the laptop.

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“Happy Smiles at Camp Roxx”

 Summer camping is perhaps one of the most creative outlets for your child’s education & upbringing. Most camp conductors and staff will not back off from telling you that summer camps in India are not only about recreation but also about instilling values for life. It most definitely is a unique center for learning!


Nature’s nest- Why nature and not the school ground?

A school is an area/institution that plays a major role in shaping up a child’s personality. The venue creates fresh memories for the longest of times. Hence, it is necessary for them to be introduced into surroundings that are new & unique. Nature’s valuable lessons are significant, after all it IS the future generations that need to nurture the earth, time after time. Studies show that children can lose up to 2.6 months of what they’ve learned the entire year at school. Camping helps keep the kid’s brain active & alert.

Peer Learning- Format of learning matters 

Family vacations can never take the place of experiential learning experiences with focused peer groups. Participants of summer camps in India learn new skills, engage in challenging activities, instill teamwork measures in a nurturing and independent environment. Peer learning is a more powerful method of acquiring knowledge as compared to text books & classroom lectures. Camping provides ample opportunities to learn in a highly stimulating & interactive format. As Confucius rightly quoted, “Tell me & I’ll forget. Show me & I’ll remember. Involve me & I’ll understand.”

Season of learning & fun

We are not propounding war against the digital age but we do mean to remind every parent & teacher out there about the increasing problems that have come with it. Progress in technology has led to many health related problems, especially obesity. In fact, Richard Louv , the author of Last Child in The Woods (Algonquin Books, 2005) mentions that the connection between nature & rates of ADD, obesity & depression in children. The more they spend time in outdoors, the more elated & healthier they feel. Camping brings out the child in everyone and gives them a platform to build confidence, hone leadership skills & social skills, earn self-respect etc. Time management, social responsibility & preserving nature are some of the other good habits students pick up while camping.


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Bringing kids to nature is a fantastic way to liberate them and enhance their sense of being one with nature. At MCG Camp Roxx, our tailor-made programs offer just that! We have a little something for all ages. To know more about our resident adventure camping programs or request for a brochure, feel free to contact us anytime!

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