Awesome Offsite Locations To Try With Your Team

Awesome Offsite Locations To Try With Your Team

By Camp Roxx

Camp Roxx

If you're bored of the same old classy resorts, then this campsite will be a welcome change by your team members. Just 5.5 hours from Delhi, this offbeat campsite is the only property in the middle of a 1700 acres of Pine forest – complete with adventure activities, games & a dedicated party arena. 

Blue Pine  Resort

Blue Pine Resort in Lansdowne is ideal for corporate offsites near Delhi. Its tranquil setting fosters team bonding, while the scenic beauty inspires creativity. A perfect blend of relaxation and motivation for your team.

Camp Wild

Situated in Mangar in Aravali Ranges, Camp Wild in Dhauj is super accessible from Gurgaon. It has a ton of adventure activities & team games to keep you busy for the whole day. Try the hidden lake trek that has amazing scenery along the way!

Lal Vilas Resort

Lal Vilas Resort in Manesar, just an hour's drive from Delhi, offers a refreshing setting for corporate outings. Its serene environment and modern amenities make it ideal for team-building and strategic planning.

Botanix  Nature Resort

A peaceful resort in the lush green that resembles a village experience. It is located near the popular tourist attraction, Damdama Lake. Not an offbeat option but definitely one of a closer option from Gurugram. 

Kuchesar  Mud Fort

Aamod Mud Fort Kuchesar is just 109 kms. away from Delhi and offers a slightly more royal experience. It is very close to Hapur in U.P. Slightly on the expensive side when it comes to pricing but perfect fit for a quick trip with the team members.

Heritage Village  Resort & Spa

Heritage Village Resort & Spa in Manesar is a splendid choice for corporate retreats near Delhi. Its blend of traditional charm and modern facilities provides an engaging backdrop for team-building and strategic meetings, ensuring a memorable and productive offsite experience.

Lemon Tree Resort

Lemon Tree Resort in Tarudhan Valley, a short drive from Delhi, is perfect for corporate retreats. It offers a blend of leisure and work facilities amidst serene surroundings, ideal for team rejuvenation.

Thakran Farms

Located only 40 kms away from the corporate city of Gurugram, Thakran Farms have recently become a favourite go-to destination for day trips for office outings & trips. You can enjoy outdoor activities or conduct team building games by hiring instructors or OBT companies.

Pratapgarh Farms

Another property based on the village theme that's also close to Delhi in terms of proximity and reach is Pratapgarh Farms. With big lawns & activities like folk dance, farming, mud bath & other rural activities, this can be a good spot to explore with your office colleagues.

Baghaan  Orchard Retreat

Escape to Baghaan Orchard Retreat for your next corporate offsite. Just a short drive from Delhi, it offers a tranquil orchard setting, ideal for inspiring teamwork and rejuvenation amidst nature's charm.

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