Have You Tried This Offbeat Weekend Getaway Near Delhi Only 6 Hours Away?

Here's some food for thought for Delhi folks. Be it accientally or out of choice you still happen to be living in the most polluted city on the planet. And let's not forget, it starts to burn pretty bad here because of the sun.

It's about time you broke yourself free from the heavy traffic jams on the highways and roads, the constant honking, a nagging spouse, WhatsApp notifications, binge-watching Netflix and everything else that keeps you chained to the city. 

Brace yourself for an epic weekend escape that you can clock in less than 6 hours by road.

What Kangojodi Has to Offer

This #1 Speciality Lodging in Sirmour District (as rated by TripAdvisor) offers everything you would want to do at a close by weekend getaway in the hills with some adventure and nature therapy thrown in the mix. Here's what we're offering in exchange of missing that weekly mall trip with the kids or a heavy Sunday hangover...


Adventure activities like Burma Bridge, Flying Fox, Ropes Course, River Crossing and a lot more. All included in your package.


Choosing the right trek is a hard choice to make. Befriend the lonesome pine forest and follow your heart into the valley till wherever your legs can take you. 


We don't really need to remind you again but naturally the quality of the air and the fragrance of the pines in a virgin forest is not something you'll find in the city. Your lungs deserve a medal & a mini treat. Don't worry. It's on us!


Camping usually entails roughing it out in harsher terrains but instead we've built you cozy cabins for a more cushiony outdoors experience without compromising on adrenaline or the peace of mind. 


Getting to Kangojodi has it's benefits for dog lovers. Our four furry pets are like the in-house superstars that are always up for selfies & autographs. No kidding! Look out for Leo, Scotch, Gauri & Bozo.


It's easy to forget that we're still a campsite. Our packages are extremely pocket friendly for anyone who wants a clean & convenient offbeat experience right in the middle of Mother Nature's lap.  

“Made it a memorable weekend....complete fun packed place!!!!”

Richa Gupta - Homemaker & Corporate Leader

Guest Talk

A Different Point of View

Are you still thinking about it? 

How long has it been since you checked your phone for a notification? If your answer is less than 5 minutes, we're pretty sure you need a serious digital detox and the forest of Kangojodi can be your personal rejuvenation guru for the soul.

The possibilities are endless. But you can try and start with a nature trek to lotus pond or reading a book by the gushing stream or challenging friends for an adventure. Think of this as your ultimate guilt free road trip with no frills attached.