Devin Graham or Devin “Supertramp” as he is popularly known has got to be one of the best viral video makers out there. Not because he happens to be sitting on a laptop all day long and devising video marketing strategies but simply because he is awesome & he takes the pain to go on 11 miles long hikes, just to get 4 seconds worth of footage. We have been following & admiring his videos for a long time now and it’s clear by now that he was really just born to make videos that will amaze people all over the world. As an aspiring videographer, these videos are enough for us to get goosebumps & kickstart something similar (or at least try). He’s made everything from music videos to action/adventure videos. This is us at, Camp Roxx, congratulating him on the release of his 100th video just this week. Seriously, what he does, seems like a bunch of fun on the screen, but it’s a LOT of work. Kudos! & keep ’em coming.

Here is our personal favorite collection of 10 best Devin Supertramp videos. Sit back & enjoy…

  1. The Human Slingshot: 

    Devin Supertramp’s epic video in support with the sporty folks at Mountain Dew made this happen at Hobble Creek Canyon, Utah. This crazy adventure ride called Human Slingshot was made by a family which has now become a home to adventure enthusiasts & youngsters all around the world. Devin picked up the perfect location & concept to make this a fun filled ride sponsored by Mountain Dew. The video made us almost jump off our seats & for anyone who is crazy enough to try this, should just go ahead and do it.

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  2. World’s Most Insane Rope Swing Ever: 

    So what do a bunch of guys do on a nice Sunday afternoon when they’re feeling wayward & bored. That’s right. They go on to make a video that not only crosses 11 million hits on, it also inspires a wave of adventure enthusiasts to get out of their houses & explore more than ever. It takes guts to actually make this jump. This one justifies the title perfectly- it IS the most insane rope swing ever caught on tape….yet!

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  3. Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour In Real Life:

    Fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise definitely had something to rejoice for when this slick video came out. Sure, to the world that didn’t know about the hugely successful game, it seemed like a costumed Parkour run but for those who’ve actually played this game, this has got to be one of the coolest ideas for a video one could come up with. It literally mocks all the moolah that is spent on VFX in big budget action thrillers. Check it out:

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  4. Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev!:

    Before you get too excited and Google the price for Jetlev, let me tell you before that it’s not something that you can just buy instantly out of joy & enjoy in your back garden. These things are a tad bit expensive but I’m sure they’re worth every penny. This video even though like any other signature Devin Supertramp video packs in a fun punch. Expect a high flying, adrenaline pumping video that’ll make you want to mark this off on your next beach adventure trip.

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  5. WINGSUIT RACING – Human Flight at 140mph!:

    You want to know how it feels to be flying at a maddening speed of 140 mph in the sky? Yeah well, you’ll have your to carry your heart in a titanium box to make sure it doesn’t pop half way through….well, not really…but here’s the closest you’ll get to knowing how god damn cool it is anyway.

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  6. Cliff Jumping Hawaii- Proof:

    Cliff jumping in the recent years has spread like a wild fire among adventure seekers. There have been places that were quite recently unheard of but have now emerged as favorite destinations for party seekers. For those who haven’t really managed to dive off a cliff till date can watch this video or just get the 101 here: How to Dive off a Cliff in 8 Steps.

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  7. YoYo Kid – World’s Best YoYo Champion:

    If you still haven’t seen this kid’s moves, you have to now. The kid is pure skills indeed but all the action caught here seems very creative too. Mind blowing stuff!

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  8. Slam Dunk Supertramp Style – Faceteam Basketball:

    The Faceteam Basketball team was in the Britain’s Got Talent show & is currently considered as the world’s no. 1 acrobatic dunk and basketball freestyle show team.

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  9. Trike Drifting:

    At more than 12 million times that this video was viewed, we’re not sure how many people actually went out to trike drift. Hats off to those who did. Heck, we loved it so much that we wish we could set this up at our camp too. Seems like a whole lotta fun.

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  10. Longboarding Adventure – Insane Speeds!:

    Longboarding is a fun sport too for those who have complete control on their body balance. You can learn more about how to do longboarding on this page: Longboarding instructions. Devin has made a supercool video, making these lads look like they’re shooting for a heist movie or maybe even the next Mission Impossible installment. Take a look.

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