Some stories are worth reading about. Some we get to see in the form of documentaries. And some are beyond the idea of just a travel diary. What might have started off as just a travel for passion has now converted into a full fledged online reality interactive series, Around The World For Free.


Catch the Season 1 & Season 2.

Around The World For Free (ATWFF) is one man Alex Boylan’s (Winner of The Amazing Race) journey around the world with practically no money in his pocket. It was a stupendous 45,000 miles in 159 days. Now a full fledged audio/visual content production company, Around The World Productions will start shooting the adventures on the 3rd season of its next fan favorite & Survivor:Micronesia Winner, Parvati Shallow from July onward.

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  • AND That’s right…..NO MONEY! (Obviously)


Here’s the clips of Season 3 clips of Around The World For Free.

This is a must watch for those who whine and complain that they never have enough funds to travel. Take a lesson & a bow!

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