DGP, Sita Ram Mardi has confirmed in a latest report to TOI that the death toll in road accidents has gone down by almost 7%. He also confirmed that reducing the no. of road accidents and stricter implementation of NDPS Act will be his team’s top priorities for the year 2020.

They will also be focusing on tightening the screws around cybercrime as that also has seen a rise in the last few years. It has been reported that over 1000 deaths would take place every year that were related to drug causes mostly. Hence, bringing forth the activation of NDPS Act.

No. of Accidents28973118
No. of Deaths11091208
No. of Injured People48425551

Because of these reasons the State is making sure to deliver on it in 2020.

The statement by DGP Mardi further mentioned that EEE strategy will be implemented to ensure safety i.e. education, engineering, enforcement. With education, the police hopes to cause mass awareness among the residents and tourists about accident prone spots, the dangers of drug abuse etc.

With engineering, they have a plan to install CCTV cameras in dangerous spots and to keep an eye on the dangerous elements or narcotic related issues.

Enforcement includes using technology at its best. There is an app, Drug Free Himachal, where they plan to have 1,00,000 installs to better maintain the law and order around narcotics and other substance abuse. With the help of this, they can even bust bigger gangs and illegal entities that are involved in drug trade to and from Himachal.

The numbers also indicate a win for the Himachal State police as the 95.7% of the 358 registered cases were successfully solved. This also includes 69 murder cases – lowest in the State in the last 10 years. However, there has been a rise in the cases that come under NDPS Act in 2019 as compared to 2018.

Here’s hoping we all have a safe 2020! Drive safe.

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