I was in my office when I started to contemplate about spending some time in the comforting arms of nature. I felt that urge to take a break at one of the best camps in Himachal because I just felt drained as of late. Perhaps it was the overwhelming amount of work, of pressuring deadlines or maybe I just simply want to take a time off from the city. I felt the need to go off grid and just frolic in one of the nature camps in Himachal.

Whenever I want to recharge and detoxify, my best option is to travel and spend time communing with nature in one of the best camps in Himachal. I don’t know why but there’s something about the bare beauty of the wild and simplicity of life that is refreshing. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and basking in the wondrous natural beauty of the world is something that I truly enjoy. I consider spending time with the best camps in Himachal as my periodic reward to myself. And why not, right?

Below is my list of 10 best camps in Himachal that I have personally visited and enjoyed. Armed with no more expectation rather than just to rest, the following camps offered me just that and so much more. I went home not only feeling renewed but I brought along new memories worth remembering for life!

Antrek Camp Sarchu
Opposite Sarchu Temple, Manali – Leh Highway,, Sarchu Camp Ground, Sarchu, Himachal Pradesh 175132, India

Hours Away from Himachal: 13 h 12 min (521.9 km) via SH 13 and Leh Manali Hwy

Brief Description:
Situated at the height of 14000 feet above sea level, setting up a camp with all basic facilities and amenities such as attached toilets and warm food may seem like an improbable feat. Not for Antrek Camp. What the place literally lack in warmth were made up by the warmth of the staff and crew. This camp in Himachal is run by efficient staff that are all passionate about giving the most awesome experience to their guests; showcasing the best of Northern India. And boy, how they do a good job on that!

I opted to stay here sometime at the past during summer while I was on my way to Leh. The sights and sense of adventure is amazing. The journey through the valleys and high roads were great; with a lot of exciting things to see like wildlife and the snow covered mountains. My stay here in Antrek Camp is truly rewarding.

Banjara Retreat, Kaza
Kaza, Lahaul Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India

Hours Away from Himachal: 10 h 17 min (443.0 km) via NH21 and NH505

Brief Description:
My stay here in Banjara Retreat was quite interesting. Admittedly this camp in Himachal shows a lot of rooms for progress, but the location itself is worth all your while. An ideal location for trekking, I have set my mind to staying in this camp in Himachal on my way from Kalpa ever since a friend told me about this place.

The pristine beauty of this place is truly magnificent: scenic views of the valleys dotted with flower gardens and mountain peaks interspersed with crystal clear rivers. Banjara Retreat is definitely one of the nature camps in Himachal that offers a romantic setting ripe with inspiration for writers and a paradise for nature lovers like me.

Himalayan Eco Lodges & Camps
Auli, Joshimath, Uttarakhand 246443, India

Hours Away from Himachal: 12 h 27 min (523.1 km) via NH 58

Brief Description:
Situated at the peak of the mountains overlooking the Himalayan ranges plus offering the view of Kedarnath peak, Himalayan Eco Lodges & Camps is another one of the best camps in Himachal that is worth your checking out. One thing that I can remember while on my stay here is the unlimited chai and pakodas. Who could resist such tempting treat? Tell me.

We chose this camp in Himachal as our stopover before our trekking expedition from Chopta and Tungnath. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect place! With their cozy atmosphere and accommodating staff, I am sure to pick this place to stay again and again!

Jungle Livinn Camps And Retreat, Chail
Chail Kufri Road, Shimla Hills, Janedghat, Chail, Himachal Pradesh 173217, India

Hours Away from Himachal: 1 h 24 min (39.3 km) via NH22 and Kufri Bypass Rd

Brief Description:
Located in Chail, Jungle Livinn Camps and Retreat is one of the nature camps in Himachal that is perfectly situated amongst picturesque view of snow-capped Shivalik peaks, beautiful orchards and sylvan pine valleys. My stay here was absolutely divine. It was expectedly picturesque as this camp in Himachal is situated in the place that was once served as the summer capital of His Highness Maharaja Adhiraj Bhupinder Singh of Patiala. I enjoyed the sceneries and the comfortable accommodation here that was complete with modern amenities.
If you’re planning to stay here with kids, you can thank this camp in Himachal for their various adventure activities that would sure engage their attention and would put their energy into good use. Activities such as Rock climbing, Rappelling, Trekking and many others would sure leave your thirst for fun and adventure satiated.
Camp Himalayan
Tirthan Valley, Village Gushaini,Tehsil Banjar, Himachal Pradesh, Gushaini, Himachal Pradesh 175123, India

Hours Away from Himachal: 4 h 14 min (175.2 km) via MDR22 and NH305
Brief Description:
Now, this camp in Himachal is something! I experienced the most exciting excursion trip here along with some friends and colleagues. We went to trips to Jalori Pass which was situated at 11000 feet above sea level. We got awed at the high altitude waterfalls and immensely enjoyed our river crossing activity. All in all, it was filled with adventure and fun!

After those grueling activities, we bask in the comforts offered by Camp Himalayan with their state of the art accommodation and the friendly service of their staff. I considered Camp Himalayan as one of the best camps in Himachal that gave me one of my most awesome camping experiences to date!

Camp Nature Trails Shimla
Shivpur Village | Mashobra, Shimla 171012, India

Hours Away from Himachal: 38 min (13.3 km) via NH22

Brief Description:
Camp Nature Trails Shimla is one nature camp in Himachal that offers opportunity to stay close to nature while indulging in adventure activities that were a popular choice for guests. I especially enjoyed my hiking experience here but apart from that, they also offer river crossing, obstacle course and rappelling. I had braved the whole day activity of exploring Shali Peak and I must say, it is one of the best highlights of my stay here.

Their accommodation that comprised of weather proof tents were amply furnished with basic amenities and I personally find their facilities to be satisfactory. All in all, this camp in Himachal is a good choice for a quick weekend getaway.

Boparai Camping Site
Chail, Himachal Pradesh 173217, India

Hours Away from Himachal: 1 h 31 min (46.1 km) via MDR13 and Kandaghat-Chail-Kufri Rd

Brief Description:
Just an hour away, Booparai Camping site is one of the camps in Himachal that are easy choices for a quick weekend and adventure getaway for busy city dwellers like me. It is situated at the heart of the hills at 6000 feet overlooking the Solan valley; making it an ideal point for picture taking; which coincidentally, was what mostly occupied my time here.

Their accommodations of pitch tents were equipped with electricity- a big relief for me, I have to admit. I also thoroughly enjoyed their buffet that served Indian cuisine. While on my stay, I also enjoyed hiking through their forest trails as it is not only refreshing but also exciting. They also offer other adventure activities such as trekking to Bhuvneshwari Devi temple and Churdhar Peak. If you’re up to a quick mini vacation, head to this camp in Himachal and bring back home wonderful memories!

Camp Chrysalid Dharamshala
Kangra Valley, Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh P.O. Box: 176215
Hours Away from Himachal: 4 h 8 min (170.8 km) via MDR22 and NH305
Brief Description:
This camp in Himachal is very well connected with Kangra International Airport; making it an easy option for my mini vacation. I remembered my stay here was also memorable because it was one of the highlights of my 2015. When your stay is that good, you are bound to remember that experience. Don’t you agree?

Camp Chrysalid offers convenience of the modern world at the comfort of nature. When you have the best of both worlds, can you even dare to ask for more? Set at the area where His Holiness Dalai Lama presides, this camp in Himachal is the perfect avenue for meditation and yoga.

Camp Exotica
Village Sarsai Naggar Road Tehsil Manali, Distt.Kullu, Himachal Pradesh 175131, India

Hours Away from Himachal: 6 h 43 min (242.5 km) via NH21
Brief Description:
I was in Kullu one weekend when a friend recommended me Camp Exotica. This camp in Himachal was true to its name. Located along Kullu – Manali bypass, this nature camp in Himachal is very exotic in its very essence. From the accommodation of Swiss tents that is regally furnished, it’s location that offers picturesque view of surrounding green devdar trees and icy mountains to its eccentric staff, my weekend stay here was truly one of a kind.

Not to pass the opportunity, I also indulge in refreshing long walks that were easily a good option of exercise while on my stay here. I especially enjoyed heli-skiing; something that I did for the first time. I learned they also have facilities for guests that prefer to indulge in other adrenaline pumping activities such as Mountain Climbing, Trekking, River Rafting, and Fishing. If you happen to be in the area, I recommend you to check out this camp in Himachal. I guarantee you won’t regret it, I swear.

Camp Roxx

Address (Site office):
Gunjarput Village, Near Kangojodi, 33 kms further from Nahan, Nahan-Shimla Highway (H.P.)

Hours from Himachal: 7 h 40 min (375.6 km) via NH22 and NH 1
Camp Roxx is one of my favorite destinations whenever I feel the need to feel refresh in one of the best camps in Himachal. This offbeat and adventure camp is nestled amidst acres of the wondrous and healing pine forest. I recently learned that there are a number of facts that proved that pine trees are therapeutic. Pine trees are known to relieve stress, combat respiratory illnesses and many others. Interesting, right? No wonder why I always feel better coming home from my stay at Camp Roxx…
Camp Roxx is one of the nature camps in Himachal that was branded as the No.1 Specialty lodging in Sirmour district of Himachal. It also cater to a line of adventure activities such as Burma Bridge, Flying Fox, Mowgli Walk, Beam Balancing, Rope Balancing, River Crossing and my personal favorite: Nature Treks. They also have Commando Crawling, Trench crawling & many more adrenaline pumping activities designed to loosen up the tensions of your body.
So for whatever reason, staying in one of the best camps in Himachal is a time worth spent. After all, the best things in life are those that are experienced. Decide to reward yourself soon…you know you want to.

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