Camping as an outdoor or a family activity has not yet reached out to or influenced the parents and teachers of India the way it should. The opportunities for them are massive but it’s just not sunk in as deep as it could. Most parents & teachers still have a traditional way about things and probably underestimate the influence of camping on kids. Children at summer camps in India have a lot to learn & explore things that are otherwise unthinkable of inside the four walls of their classrooms & bedrooms. Camping with family or camping with friends from school can open a world of fortune treasure, full of thrills, excitement & amazing outdoor spectacles worth witnessing once in a lifetime. From then we can assure you, there will be no looking back, you wouldn’t want to! For beginners who are just looking to venture out into the camping fields, here’s a list of ageless-classic stuff to do while at it:



Folks at will give you plentiful ideas of how this adventurous game is to be played and where you can join these real world outdoor treasure hunting games at adventure camps in Himachal. Seriously, it’s like Amazing Race, but with you in it!! Geocoaching games are like tech- treasure hunt games for people of all ages that can be conducted at adventure camps in India. Night navigation is a similar activity that requires utmost team-work & very precise planning. These location based adventures are really exciting and we can safely suggest to it all our readers with two thumbs up! Geocaching challenges are spreading the word like fire among people from corporate sectors & is also becoming a popular activity for kids & their folks! India is full of adventure camps that are undeniably fantastic venues for such activities. Make sure to get your agent included in your next weekend getaway camping trip!!

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Trekking is nothing but a balanced mix of traveling on foot & intricate encounters with natural flora & fauna with minimal equipment necessary for survival; a backpack including a small medical kit, a rugged tent, water, munchies etc. just to get you by. The experience of camping & trekking is so thrilling at adventure camps in India, it gets attention from adventurers from all parts of the world. Popular trekking routes in India that are actively being promoted through adventure tourism are Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Darjeeling & Garhwal. If you’re planning more of a family camping trip, you should probably choose simpler & relatively less complex treks at adventure camps in Himachal. Expect to stumble onto rare species of birds, simple village kin & some of the greenest, coolest  forests. Of course, never forget to plan your treks in advance & keep in mind the timing & duration in local terrains, safe weather conditions & the right n light equipment you might need en route. There are many adventure camps near Delhi & Gurgaon that offer fantastic treks, the rewards of which are breathless views of the Himalayas & if lucky enough, a hot cup of tea! You can read more detailed info on treks on Himachal Pradesh’s official website.


People in Delhi & it’s surrounding cities are preys to the massive pollution clouds, low altitude, walls of dust & even taller walls of buildings. A clear view of the sky’s marvels is something of  a luxury we’re sure most people living in cities can never afford to see from their rooftops. Camping in Himachal is perhaps the best time to get a professional telescope (there’s a lot of cheap & good quality ones available here too!) and head out with your family and introduce them to magical bonanza in lush green forests with even the stars as clear as diamonds. Kids in particular love such activities while camping with family or even friends. We never know when & how this hobby could take the form of passion & perhaps, even a career choice. is possibly the best resources to begin with; discusses star gazing & a lot more of the same ilk. This is what Astronomy Camping or Space Camping could look like:

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There is an unending list of some cool summer activities for children to do while camping out. These games can be categorized of the basis of the group size or the nature of the games like sports oriented games, circle games, improvisation activities etc. Especially at the adventure camps in Himachal Pradesh, the children can learn how to build their survival skills, face challenges more boldly & strengthen its bonding with Mother Nature. We’ve seen kids enjoying tag games & water games the most while camping in India, those never fail!! Apart from playing outdoor games, one can also get the children involved in other creative activities like crafts. It could be in the form of a making family camping scrapbook, making “pebble pets” by coloring rocks of various shapes & sizes or even gathering logs to make a log castle. The list is endless if you come to think of activities for children to indulge in while summer camping in India.

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Your kids can learn build a great set of  survival skills in the outdoors you enroll them with adventure camps. Basic skills like tying knots & learning about various flora & fauna gives the children an opportunity to step out of their virtual worlds & making judicial use of limited resources available to them. Without any dependence on latest technology & gadgets, kids learn essential skills for surviving in the wilderness lest something goes wrong during any camping vacations. Solving problems with peers & family members gives them a sense of confidence & working under pressure to fight against nature’s challenges. Outdoor cooking is also a part of these essential skills. You could grab packets of marshmallows and roast them as a part of a family activity or you could get your friends to put together a camping dish around the campfire even with limited materials, something perhaps no one’s ever tasted before!! Camps in India will give a taste of a little bit of all of this. Here’s how you should be roasting them marshmallows:

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