GLAMPing Camping or Glamping or Glamorous Camping in general is a concept that not many people are yet aware of. Glamping is basically a new terminology for a new kind of camping. Just recently, a news channel coined this term which at the core means “to camp in luxury”. What we mean here by camping in luxury means someone else setting up your entire campsite including setting up your tent, design your favorite gourmet meals, sleeping on big comfortable beds (sometimes even with silk linens) etc. It’s like vacationing in one of the nature resorts around Delhi.

Some of the better looking, exclusive “Glamps” will actually have electric connections inside the tent so you can charge your mobiles, iPads, laptops etc. This was actually incepted by a group of young, rich entertainers & models who wanted to escape all the muddy, dirty hot tents while attending open air rock concerts. This opportunity was then ceased by adventure groups who thought they could specifically cater the needs of camping lovers who felt lost & wanted more hassle free camping with friends & family. Many resorts around Delhi have started to adopt this concept. Time shall tell which ones have really justified & improvised with their unique styling.

Glamping, no matter how niche it may be,  is slowly finding its disciples. Many people in the UK & other parts of Europe are opting for expensive, designer glamping gear before they head out. These trips are available from 10,000$ to 40,000$ and are perhaps a little on the higher side. For those who can shell such exorbitant amounts, this is one experience they will keep coming back to nature for.

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