Winter has already arrived and before you’re knuckles deep int snow, getting a handful of these hand warmers can be more than just a comfort tool. It can practically bring back life into hands by fastening up the blood flow in that part of your body. Want to know which are the best hand warmers to buy this season? We’ve done a full in-depth comparison review of the best hands warmers by requested by outdoor/camping & skiing enthusiasts around the world in 2019.

It’s a small list of only the 3 most popular and trusted hand warmers available on Amazon. The truth of the matter is that we’ve tried all of these in various snowing conditions to see what these things are really made of and frankly, all 3 are winners according to us. We judged them on the basis of 4 factors but have made it super simple for you below to decide which out of these will be the most suitable hand warmers for your next trip.

  1. Shelf Life: How effective are they from the time that they are purchased till after at least 1 year has lapsed.
  2. Warmth/Temperature: How effectively do they warm up in temperatures below 15 degrees celsius
  3. Speed: How fast do they heat up when they’re put to use
  4. Longevity: How long does 1 packet/charge/refill last out of 24 hrs.

Here’s Our List Of 3 Best Hand Warmers To Buy This Season

HotHands Hand Warmers

best hand warmers in 2019

HotHands is a trusted brand across the USA. And these hand warmers are perfect for the “once in a while” kind of outdoors & camping enthusiasts because they are meant for one time use only. They might be disposable but they work really well and can heat up in anything between 15-30 minutes. All you need to do is take out the warmer from the package, shake it a little & place it in the pockets of your gloves or jacket and forget about it for the next 10 hours. You’ll be warm for a long time without you even noticing they are on you. These hand warmers are also super safe to use on any part of the body and can be disposed off with your regular garbage since they are made with eco-friendly materials. Best hand warmers according to my friends that love skiing.

  • How long does it last: Lasts upto 10 hours
  • Who should buy these: People doing tailgating events, camping, hiking, jogging in cold places, working in outdoors & some sporting events.
  • Variants: Toes Warmer | Insole Foot Warmers
  • Best for temperatures: Upto -40 degrees Celsius

Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers

Zippo needs no introduction. The lighters manufacturer has managed to slowly build a reputation among hunting, skiing & outdoors enthusiasts. It is a must have in your travel kit every time you step out in the cold. The flameless technology is snug and fits perfectly in the palms of your hands or pockets. Since its odourless, it remains safe for use of kids as well. They even have a new fill cup design that reduces spilling of the fuel while refilling. Best hand warmers according to my girlfriend.

  • How long does it last: 12 hrs or 6 hrs. Depending on the model
  • Who should buy these: People doing fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, outdoor sports & other snowy places
  • Best Features: Spill proof, comes in various designs and colors
  • Best for temperatures: Till -50 degrees

Little Hotties 8-Hour Hand Warmers

little hotties hand warmers

Little Hotties comes right after HotHands hand warmers in matters of output & longevity. These air activated hand warmers can last upto 8 hours for a single time use. However, in terms of shelf life HotHands is slightly better. For the price these are also a steal. The heat transfer to the body on this one is pretty quick. Try to keep them away from water as the shelf life can be affected quite dramatically. Best hand warmers according to my 92 yr. old granny.

  • How long does it last: 7-8 hrs. easy. 4-5 hrs. after 1 year has passed.
  • Who should buy these: People doing fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, outdoor sports & other snowy places. Also, good for people in old age homes and kids.
  • Best Features: Odourless
  • Best for temperatures: Till -30 degrees


To be honest, all of them are really good hand warmers and if it’s just for this season you might as well give it a shot. HotHands & Little Hotties are good for people who are just susceptible to feeling colder than regular folks. Zippo is great for trendy outdoor enthusiasts who want to show off a little something cool. In our opinion, you get your money’s worth the minute you realise that the very reason you’re able to survive so comfortably in such cold winter was because of one tiny self heating pouch. BTW, this is also a great gift for Christmas for homeless people. If you have a homeless shelter around you city, feel free to buy a box or two and just drop it there. You might just make someone else’s Christmas warmer.

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