Planning more road trips from Delhi with your friends or family? We’ve done the homework for you already. Just take your pick from any of these must-do once in a lifetime road trips from the tinsel town of Delhi and you’re good to pack the bags starting tonight!

But before you begin…

Have you heard the Miley Cyrus song with these lyrics? “It’s the climb… la la la…”

Wonder what that was all about? Well as they say, it’s not only the destination… but also the journey itself that counts. In every quest and in every struggle that we have, we are so eager to reach “the top” that we sometimes fail to appreciate the journey of how we got there.

Think about how much you loathe the drudgery of having to work but love the idea of receiving your salary? The same thing can be said about travelling and trips. We are so obsessed at the idea of arriving at the location and excited about doing the activities that we’ve lined up to do that we fail to appreciate the struggles one must go through just to get there.

We have hated traffic, we have hated long drives but would you not agree that those are exactly the components that made the journeys more memorable than others. 

So here’s to arriving at a new-found realization: all good things are worth suffering for… hear yea! And we don’t mean a REAL suffering. Just a sweet one! Especially if you’re doing this with your near and dear ones. 

So are you feeling the itch for some adventurous road trips from Delhi right now? Feeling the need to put distance between you and Delhi? If the answer is yes, there’s no better supporting answer to that other than to pack your bags and head out for a weekend getaway or a road trip. Believe me when I say, there are many stretches of road from Delhi leading you to some fun and exciting destinations.

And we listed 7 of them that are guaranteed to surely satisfy the craving of your adventure hungry palate.

But first, do yourself a favor before diving for an adventure and mark the following things off this list:

  • Have your vehicle checked at your nearest service centre first
  • Prepare for money and other provisions
  • Invite some friends or loved ones to tag along and prepare yourself for a one of a kind experience!
  • And oh, don’t forget that camera to capture those moments. We need to upload and post them on Facebook for later! 🙂

So hop on, and get ready to experience these best road trips near Delhi!

1. Kangojodi (Himachal Pradesh)

Natural spring water stream & a pond just about 5 feet deep
Natural spring water stream & a pond just about 5 feet deep

Kangojodi is a relatively new find in the list of new road trips from Delhi. Imagine yourself in the middle of a 7 kms long pine forest with no commercial settings at all. This little forest deserves a visit at least once because of it’s amazing offbeat location and the plethora of activities it offers. The forest itself is at a height of only 4500 ft. which means that it never gets too cold or too hot.

Delhi – Transport Nagar 13 km

Transport Nagar – Panipat 73 km

Panipat – Karnal 35 km

Karnal – Pipli 31 km

Pipli – Shahbad 20 km 

Shahbad – Saha 15 kms

Saha – Shahzadpur 19 kms

Shahzadpur – Naraingarh 12 kms

Naraingarh – Kala-Amb 8 km

Kala-Amb – Nahan 15 kms

Nahan – Kangojodi 27 kms

(Not the exact distances but this is the correct route map for Kangojodi. Consider about 2-3 kms of deviation)

One of the bigger reasons to visit this is because of a relatively underground and non-commercial campsite called Camp Roxx. One can indulge in various adventure activities and games with friends and families. Surrounded by beautiful and sturdy pine trees, this place is literally something that makes road trips from Delhi ever more awesome.

2. Parwanoo (Himachal Pradesh)

Parwanoo - perfect road trips from Delhi!
Timber Trail in Parwanoo

Parwanoo is an industrial town that borders Panchkula district of Haryana that is a favorite go to destination of Delhi-ite’s families and couples. It is a nice place with a nice view that is devoid of noise pollution where one can relax and be with nature. It is also an excellent base for travellers who wished to visit Pinjore and Kalka, the top places of interest near Parwanoo.

One of the major attractions here is the Timber Trail, a ten minute cable way ride that shows the scenic beauty of Shivalik Hills. Indulging in this ride is a guaranteed mind blowing experience as you get a fabulous view of the down hills as your lungs are filled with energy; warding off the stress brought by the hurdles of the city. Food here is also good; which is always a key ingredient for a successful road trip.

It is 272 km away from Delhi which takes about 6 hours or less for ground travel. The places covered during the journey are:

Delhi – Transport Nagar 13 km

Transport Nagar – Panipat 73 km

Panipat – Karnal 35 km

Karnal – Pipli 31 km

Pipli – Ambala 49 km

Ambala – Panchkula 47 km

Panchkula – Parwanoo 16 km

3. Bharatpur (Rajasthan)

Bharatpur again is a great place for road trips near Delhi!
Image Courtesy: Koshy Koshy

Bharatpur, also known as Lohagahr, was founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733 AD and used to be an impregnable and well-fortified city.

Famously known as the ‘Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan’, Bharatpur is home of the Keoladeo National Park where countless bird species thrives especially in winter when they migrate in respite from the cold. It is a completely man-made wildlife sanctuary and a stellar park that is now renowned to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a famous Indian tourist and road trip destination where people commune with the birds and other magnificent creatures through a telescope and sometimes even with naked eyes.

Rent a bike and feast your eyes through the park that is wrought with magnificent sights of greeneries and animals such as such pythons, turtles, deer and an amazing array of birds.

Bharatpur is only 182 km away from Delhi and it takes 3 hours and forty minutes to travel. The route from Delhi to Bharatpur is as follows:

Delhi – Faribabad 30 km

Faridabad – Hodal 60 km

Hodal – Mathura 55 km

Mathura – Bharatpur 41 km

4. Mussoorie (Uttarakhand)

Image Courtesy: Michael Scalet
Image Courtesy: Michael Scalet

The roads leading to Mussoorie are good, but you have to travel early if you don’t wish to get caught in traffic. With 281 km from Delhi; it takes about 5 hours and 40 minutes before you could reach this quaint little town that is better known as Queen of the Hills. Though the drive could be daunting, the dhabas and food stops en route are more than worth the trouble. The route from Delhi to Mussoorie is as follows:

Delhi – Mohan Nagar 20 km

Mohan Nagar – Modi Nagar 23 km

Modi Nagar – Khatauli 52 km

Khatauli – Purkaji 53 km

Purkaji – Roorkee 24 km

Roorkee – Dehradun 73 km

Dehradun – Mussoorie 36 km

Aside from the scenic beauty that Mussoorie had to offer, there are also various day and summer activities that can be done here such as trekking, rock climbing and camping. It is also dubbed as a popular cool summer retreat and one of the best honeymoon destinations in India. And that’s no wonder because the romantic appeal of the place more than sets the “honeymoon” mood of any couple.

5. Kasauli (Himachal Pradesh)

Image Courtesy: Ankit Jain
Image Courtesy: Ankit Jain

It takes around 5.5-6 hours to travel the 298 km away from Delhi to Kasauli. The road is good with very few potholes; the drive is smooth and quick to navigate. It is best to start journey early in the morning and catch breakfast in the famous Dhabas found in Murthal. Climate is good and the view of the Himachal starts just after the crossing of Chandigarh. En route are tolls, petrol pumps like HP, BP and Indian Oil; as well as pharmacies, ATMs, multi-cuisine restaurants and road-side dhabas. Route to follow is:

Delhi – Transport Nagar 13km

Transport Nagar – Panipat 73km

Panipat – Karnal 35km

Karnal – Pipli 31km

Pipli – Ambala 49km

Ambala – Panchkula 47km

Panchkula – Kalka 14km

Kalka – Dharampur 24km

Dharampur – Kasauli 12km

However, Kasauli is a cantonment and army area, so no gadgets are allowed. But there is nothing to worry, because the memories of monkeys and the breathtaking view of the area will be forever etched in our mind and heart.

Other sights and attractions found here are Christ Church, Sunset Point, Kasauli Baptist Church, and so much more.

6. Sariska (Rajasthan)

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary- Roads from Delhi for family picnics
Image Courtesy: Corey Theiss on Flickr

Sariska is renowned for the “Sariska Tiger Reserve”, home to numerous wild animals like Leopard, Wild Dog, Jungle Cat, Civets Hyena, Jackal, and Tiger. Apart from that, they also have various breed of birds like Peafowl, Grey Partridge, Bush Quail, Sand Grouse,Tree Pie, Golden backed Woodpecker, crested Serpent Eagle and The Great Indian horned Owl.

Sariska is an awesome place that gives you the best sight of nature. Away from Delhi for only 191 km; it takes about 3 hours and 50 minutes to travel here. The places covered during the journey are:

Delhi – Dhaula Kuan 8 km

Dhaula Kuan – Gurgaon 20 km

Gurgaon – Dharuhera 40 km

Dharuhera – Tijarha 38

Tijara – Alwar 47 km

Alwar – Sariska 38 km

It is true what they say that however advanced we may get in terms of technology; we will always find enjoyment in the simpler things in life like road trips. Nothing beats the feeling of comfort one gets from communing with pure, unadulterated nature.

7. Morni Hills (Haryana)

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia
Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Journey like road trips from Delhi to Morni Hills is an easy drive of about 277 km that can be covered for about 5 hours in ground. It is the only hill station at the state of Haryana and it is definitely worth the drive if you love nature and peace. There is good signage along the road that would guarantee that you won’t lose your way and many dhabas and other food joints like Haldirams, Shree Makhan Bhog, Zhilmil Dhaba, etc. where you could stop over for food. The places en route from Delhi to Morni Hills are:

Delhi – Transport Nagar 13 km

Transport Nagar – Panipat 73 km

Panipat – Karnal 35 km

Karnal – Pipli 31 km

Pipli – Ambala 49 km

Ambala – Panchuka 47 km

Panchkula – Morni Hills 29 km

Once in Morni Hills, delight your senses at the stunning sights of landscapes and subtle climate. Or if you still have the energy after that long drive, indulge yourself in rock climbing or trekking. Situated at the height of 3,900 feet, Morni Hills (supposedly named after Queen Morni who used to rule here) is also packed with other tourist spots like ancient villages, heritage structures and religious sites that you can enjoy. 

Did we miss anything for you to plan more awesome, new road trips from Delhi?

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