I’ve come across many people have a varied notion as to what exactly a resort offers & means. And it bothers me at times. Sometimes my newer clients don’t fully understand what the concept is even after seeing the photographs of the property. The false claims & complaints follow soon after which directly affect the reputation of the business owners. Here’s what Wikipedia says about resorts….

resort is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for holidays or vacations. Resorts are places, towns or sometimes commercial establishment operated by a single company. – Wiki

It’s supposed to be any venue that can take your mind off the routine things that clutter the brain; something all Dilliwallahs are used to off. Hence, the weekend getaways near Delhi attract hordes of corporate people all the time. However, these crowds never realize the worth of the money they pay for staying at resorts around Delhi. Resorts does not just mean, five star arrangements, spa centers, a mini-golf course & other high end luxuries. A resort could also be a nature retreat with comfortable setting & amenities. Or it could also be a spa resort in the middle of oak-woods. Or perhaps a 5 star category resort with more than a 100 rooms. Ultimately, the concept & ideology behind the experiences that the resort promises to offer, matters. So, basically any location or spot that gives you a grand ambiance, rejuvenates you from head to toe & serves you warmly, deserves to be called a resort. If you want to read more on the criteria of classification of hotels & resorts, please read this first!

Delhi has some unexplored weekend hideouts in its surroundings. And some businessmen & hotel professionals have utilized those spaces  very smartly & judiciously to make sure they are not coming in the way of the mother nature. Such nature resorts around Delhi that keep the beauty of the “green” alive with stringent rules & specific instructions, need a special mention. Only a true nature resort can rejuvenate you to the bone.

Some of the best nature resorts around Delhi in my opinion are as follows:

1. Camp Roxx

Camp Roxx can be considered one of the best options for nature resorts around Delhi. The adventure camping cum luxury camping setup has more than 14 activities to offer. Located only 30 kms from the town of Nahan, the climate is favorable all year round. It is a true to life concept of nature resorts as it is an exclusive property based in a 7 kms long Pine Forest. Leaving the nature untouched, Camp Roxx offers great stay accommodations, a huge conference area & the fragrance & peace of a Pine jungle. Camping luxuriously could not get better than this!

2. Satvik Sadan:

This is a Vedic wellness resort near Delhi that is better known for its Yoga training under Shuklacharya & Samrita. For anyone looking to go for a Ayurvedic holiday, this place has a lot to offer. With a very simplistic & traditional Indian setup, you can choose from different levels of accommodation; simplistic rooms or bigger suite like rooms with more space. Each room offers a great view & is generally surrounded by good looking green plants & pots. So this in undoubtedly one of the best nature resorts around Delhi that has a unique concept & staying experience.

3. Dunagiri Nature Retreat:

Even though at a distance of about 400 kms, this is an enjoyable & secluded nature retreat based in the Kumaon Hills. Again, to expect luxurious settings here would be wrong as the place is a nature resort, not a 5 star category resort. Best time to visit would be between August & November. The place is also famous for its temples & holds religious & mythological significance. This hill spot is considered to be the place where Hanuman from Ramayana picked up the Sanjeevani booti. Minus, all that, its a great place to take a break from Delhi for 3-4 days.

4. Botanix Nature Resort:

Botanix Nature Resort is at the Damdama Village on Sohna Road (Gurgaon). Ideal for conducting outbound training programs, school tours & family weekends, this nature resort near Delhi has made a grand name for itself. It has become a favorite weekend destination among many. There’s a lot of activities that are offered here for recreation, so kids of all ages can enjoy to the fullest. The resort is also famous for being the venue to various kinds of sporting & party events. All in all a great treat!

5. Kikar Lodge:

Kikar Lodge is India’s first private forest retreat/reserve spread over 1800 acres of forest area. Even though some would argue that the minimum no. of rooms for a resort classification is 25, this retreat with 22 air conditioned luxury cottages & safari tents (12 no.) is no less than a resort. Like I said earlier, the vibe & amenities of the place are amazing & can actually be very refreshing weekend getaway from Delhi. Mark this one on the calendar!

Reach us today if you want customised itinerary for your camping experience at CampRoxx. 

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