Good Indian travel vloggers are hard to find. Most people are trying to copy international vloggers and their style but leaving behind good content & planning.

Many people looking for places to visit near Delhi are now referring to YouTube as their mecca for better road trip planning.

In fact, blogging everyday is becoming an old method of discovering new destinations, hotels & experiences. Videos on the other hand have become a foolproof method of getting attention of consumers that are researching on a daily basis on where they can plan their next trip. YouTube was the king in 2018. And there are a hundreds of people sharing video content around

You know what fits the best local travel content for an Indian audience that’s price sensitive? Indian travel vloggers. 🙂

That means they can get you all the best experiences, at the most affordable prices possible. 😉

Which is why we are sharing this list of best Indian travel vloggers to watch out for in 2019. Some of these are new channels and some of them are slightly older. But all of them work very hard to providing the best information for their followers.

You can easily subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them on their other social media channels where they end up sharing really cool information about places they visit.

Here’s the full list of Indian YouTube Travel Vloggers updated as of February 2019:

    1. Tanya Khanijow: Tanya is one of the prime examples of digital nomads in the country. She left behind her cushiony job as a corporate slave to pursue her dreams of traveling the world while making amazing, informative videos on the go. Her videos are beautifully shot and her planning is extensive which is very helpful if you’re looking to follow her trails. Rest assured, it’ll be hard for you to just stop at one video because she makes sure you get a balanced dose of information as well as entertainment.
    2. Kritika Goel: Kritika is a growing Indian travel vlogger based out of Mumbai and runs her blog called Blog Of The Things. She started her YouTube channel in 2016 and has managed to cover some amazing destinations around India. She has recently started covering amazing international locations outside India as well. She’s definitely the one to watch out for as she covers a plethora of things like lifestyle & fashion. Not an out and out travel vlogger but her travel videos are still better than a generic list with computer generated voice-over. Her video on Goa is extremely popular and well made. Check it out here:
    3. Visa2Explore: Harish Bali, the host & founder of Visa2Explore is one of the most entertaining Indian travel & food vloggers of the country. His channel is in Hindi but his information about the local culinary, culture, places to visit & stay is extremely valuable. He keeps it quirky and shares all must-try things when you’re visiting a certain part of the country, never making it boring for his subscribers. Definitely the one to watch out for as his subscriber count has already risen to over 440K.
    4. Ankit Bhatia Films: Ankit is a film-maker disguised as a travel vlogger. He is more of an outdoors inspired guy which is why a lot of his videos are around trekking & hiking in extreme conditions. His films are made and beautifully shot on Sony AS-7III and he travels around India capturing some of the most scenic shots you’ll see from those areas. If you didn’t know about him, our recommended viewing from his playlist is this video below. Check it out.
    5. DesiGirl Traveller: Priyanka A.K.A. DesiGirl Traveller is a prominent blogger and YouTuber. Her videos cover everything from local sight-seeing to best places to visit to food streets and a lot more. She is stylish and chic and her style of presenting is quite simple and informative.
    6. Born To Ride: Lakshay Anand A.K.A. Born To Ride is a prominent blogger and YouTuber. He is an avid super biker and does amazing city by city travels where he covers all the essentials one needs to roam around. His content is superb & style of presentation is fantastic and easy to follow. We specially love this episode he shot in Manali. Check it out here:
    7. Mumbiker Nikhil: This list cannot be complete without mentioning Nikhil. He is India’s top vlogger on YouTube. Known for covering amazing bikes, bike rides and more, his content directly appeals to the millennials. His content is so amazing that in just a few videos you start to feel like he’s just another friend you haven’t met in a long time. Bikers in India are in love with him and he does all his rides responsibly. He has covered many interesting locations mostly on his bike. Check it out
    8. Ronnie & Barty: Ronnie & Barty wrapped up their city life from Mumbai to live off grid in Himachal. They are now based out of the popular tourist destination, Manali. This is perhaps one the only YouTube channel on list where storytelling and narration are done in a film like manner. Their stories are episode driven where they cover various untouched parts of Himalayas and camp out like real nomads. Their content is beautifully shot, entertaining & extremely addictive. You will not be able to stop after watching just one episode. The music tracks they use are also AMAZING. Check out this first episode from their YouTube travel series called Soul Trails.

These are just some of the Indian travel vloggers that we absolutely fell in love with. If you think, we missed you out or if you know someone who’s making similar travel videos that are equally amazing and entertaining, feel free to comment below and we’ll compile a new list shortly with the best suggestions.

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