Hey Folks! Summers in India can be unforgivably draining ,of course depending on what part of India you’re from. The odds are that you’ll end up breaking more than just a sweat or two at any point. Camping as an activity can help one feel refreshed & rejuvenated as connection with nature is a lot stronger than your average hotel accommodations. The best thing to do in such a case is to escape to the coolest, most welcoming mountains around. Go hiking, retreat in the jungle, climb snow clad peaks, simply because this has to be the best time of the year. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most fantastic camps to be at this year and we’re sharing it with you here. Nothing beats the heat more than these guys:

  1. NatureTrails Resorts: Imagine walking into the perfect setup of peace & luxury on a sprawling 35 acre property. If the mind has to rest, these guys should get the credit for leading the flag. The Sajan Nature Club is a great weekend getaway for corporates as well as individual travelers or for that matter anyone who’s looking to break the monotony in daily life. The property offers a variety of services, camping activities, adventure activities, the good ole’ barbecue & everything else that rounds up a great weekend. The company offers destinations other than Maharasthra like Karnataka & Rajasthan. Be sure to make a trip here for sure!

    Nature Trails Resort (Maharashtra)
  2. Tsomoriri Camp (Ladakh): In the lap of Tsomoriri Lake (240 kms from Leh), lies this fine camping retreat. Tsomoriri belongs to the Changthang area, located at a height of 4,595 m & is open to tourists from Mid April to October. During the rest of the seasons, the lake freezes. Brace yourself for an adventure not for the feeble hearted! Here’s a sneak preview of the Tsomoriri Camp, perhaps one of the most unique camping destinations in Ladakh, India.

    tsomoriri camp in ladakh!
    Tsomoriri Camp (Ladakh)
  3. Camp Exotica (Manali, Himachal Pradesh): Camp Exotica isn’t really a weekend getaway but it sure beats the heat when you can take a week off from work. Located in Kullu, near Manali, the lodge greets you with great food & hospitality. The location is rock solid as the splendid view offered by it cannot be matched by others in the area. Mark it on your calendar to visit this!

    camp exotica in Kullu, near Manali, Himachal Pradesh
    Camp Exotica (Himachal Pradesh)
  4. Kipling Camp (Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh): Kipling Camp in our opinion offers an unparalleled experience in the largest protected Tiger Reserve in Central India. Located atop Maikal Hillsin the jungles of Satpura, the reserve is drenched with the water of Narmada. Look forward to stag fights, pleasant weather & a green, peaceful jungle. The forests are also home to the Baigal tribals who live in the lush meadows. Birdwatching & Wildlife Safari are a must do activities in this idyllic environment!! A splendid family vacation spot!

    kipling camp in Kanha National Park!
    Kipling Camp (Kanha National Park)
  5. Glenburn Tea Estate (Darjeeling): History has it that this beautiful property, once just a tea estate is today a celebrated Boutique Hotel in the valley of Darjeeling. Believe it or not, this wonderful resort was passed on by a Scottish owner to a local “chaiwalla”- Prakash. The heritage is kept fresh till date as the family invites tourists from all over the world to witness its tea traditions & estate over a century old. There’s a lot to do here in terms of unifying with the nature like going for short treks, experience the Glenburn Lodge & Campsite, visit tea gardens, fishing & even river rafting. Highly recommended!!

    glenburg boutique hotel in darjeeling
    Glenburn Tea Estate & Boutique Hotel (Darjeeling)
  6. Nameri Eco Camp (Sonitpur, Assam): This 100% eco-friendly camp has caught on the word rapidly because of it’s amazing location & environment protection endeavors. Situated in the district of Sonitpur (The 3rd National Park of Assam), the guests staying at this amazing retreat can go for hiking in the whispering woods, indulge in a splash with river rafting in Bhoroli or do angling in specific seasons. There’s over 300 species of birds to watch out for…if you keep the patience we say.
    nameri camp is an eco friendly camp in Assam! A great spot to be at!
  7. Mahseer Fishing Camps (Kumaon Hills, Uttarakhand): What could be better on a lazy Sunday than a fishing cum camping trip with the family. Mahseer Fishing Camps provide the perfect opportunity to run away from the hectic work schedules and getting introduced to the wonders of nature. Located in the Jim Corbett National Park in the middle of Kumaon Hills, this weekend getaway is only 280 kms from Delhi. There’s jungle safaris, adventure activities, nature treks & tonnes of holiday goodies. So grab a few packs & head along…

    mahseer fishing camp corbett india
    Mahseer Fishing Camp (Jim Corbett National Park)
  8. Magpie Camp (Chopta, Garhwal Mountains): Chopta has slowly risen to become a much sought after offbeat destination for those looking to beat the heat in summers. With a grand view of the surrounding mountain peaks & valley, Magpie Camp is a fantastic retreat that offers accommodation all year round. Don’t miss this one out just because your friends haven’t heard about the place. It’s most definitely worth your time. Some places of interest that must be visited on this tour are Chandrashila Peak, Deoria Tal & Tungnath Temple. A retreat, reminder of the simpler times!!

    Magpie Camp near Chopta offers excellent views of snow clad Himalayas!
    Magpie Camp (Uttarakhand)
  9. Banjara Camps & Retreats (Spiti Valley): The campsite is situated in Kaza, the capital of Spiti Valley. Lahaul bound Spiti does truly feel like an alive museum. Even though being at a height of 3600 metres, this is the only place in Himachal that is connected with a road all throughout the year. Prepare to taste some amazing Himachali cuisines, attend the local fairs, let go in monasteries!! These are also among the oldest operating & most famous camps in India. The company offers retreats at other destinations like Sojha, Sangla & Thanedar.

    banjara camps in Kaza, Lahaul, Spiti, Himachal
    Banjara Camps & Retreats (Kaza)
  10. Horbnill Camp (Thattekkad, Kerala): We really could not have missed this one out. Hornbill Camp is one of the most amazing campsites to visit this year. The offbeat destination Thettakkad in Kerala is home to some 250+ species of birds, nestled just along the banks of river Periyar. The campsite blends perfectly into the succulent green forests backing you with cool & calm ambience. There’s options for birding, kayaking, hiking…all in a setup which is rare to find in India. The staff earns their livelihood by running the camp itself, an excellent example of how tourism helps build local communities. Do not miss this one!!
    Hornbill Camp (Kerala)

    I think we’ve pretty much covered the must visit camps in India, at least this year! Except one that can offer Delhi-ites a fantastic & luxurious adventure camping experience, worth checking out…

    11. MCG Camp Roxx (Kangojodi, Himachal Pradesh)  – A  luxury camping retreat in the Shiwalik Hills, only 275 kms from Delhi. Adventure activities, a huge dining/conference area, bon-fire, music, local cuisines…sounds familiar?? Located in the middle of a 7 km long reserved pine forest, Camp Roxx is an offbeat camping retreat that takes your camping experience to entirely different level. You can read more about us here: www.camproxx.com

    Camp Roxx- A Luxury, Adventure Camp in Kangojodi (Himachal)
    Camp Roxx- Adventure Camp (Himachal Pradesh)

    We’ll be writing about some more about other campsites in India that are worth visiting. Stay tuned for more updates!

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