On 17th May 2014, while Delhi was beaming red from a hard sun, I had the pleasure of acquainting myself with one of the coolest startups I’ve come across this season- Grey Orange Robotics. While most wouldn’t make the cut to get into something as rad as making robots, Samay Kohli and his team are riding the high wave of the upbeat mechanical e-commerce industry.

On receiving a seemingly frantic call from the super-efficient Priyanka Kohli, I knew this was meant to be more than just a corporate team outing near Delhi NCR. The startup vibe echoed loud when she told me she was looking to pack a surprise for her team which had successfully launched their latest flagship product – Butler System. It’s basically the grandaddy of Wall-E and it’s impressive. Watch this video produced by Live Mint:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hXZuVTP-Ec]


The idea here was simple- to have a one last round of a madcap weekend with the core team which didn’t bother about what time of the day it was while putting this company together. This was their very first outing and it was nothing short of spectacular and adventurous. The thrill of working in the startup space can be understood only by those who actually work for one.

They arrived at the campsite slightly dazed but still stirred up with the excitement of kicking off the day. After a hearty breakfast the gang marched right up for their first session of adventure activities. That’s them right there…

Team outing near Delhi NCR

 And this is what you get when you challenge a hard working team to be a little more adventurous than the usual….
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Ziplining was a hot favorite for everyone.

Ziplining in Himachal was much in demand.

As the evening started to set in and the temperatures started to drop, it was time for them to settle down and do something their office in Gurgaon hardly allows them to do. BREATHE in peace! It was no surprise that even a simple game of dumb charades got them going for the longest time. They preferred to relax and play some classic games in the conference hall rather than pumping out EDM and Bollywood hits at the bon-fire area managing to make the best use of their time. This is a rare sight at an adventure campsite in the mountains. Groups generally like to go berserk given the location and freedom. But for this army of robot engineers, it was different.

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 More tales from The Great Indian Corporate Camping Experience coming soon!

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