It’s that time of the year again when you and your friends want to go for that hiking trip you’ve been planning for ages. With the variety of gadgets available in the market, it could be really confusing to scan out the ones that are worth keeping. After all we wouldn’t want you to come packed with an entire electronic feast, it’s about reconnecting with nature isn’t it. We explored the internet to bring you a set of 5 camping gadgets that are definitely worth having while camping in India. Check these out!!


1. Gelert Solar Shower

Gelert is a company that has been innovating fantastic camping products and accessories for a long time now. This little pocket shower can be really blissful when you wake up in your tents realizing there’s little time left for freshening up and heading back home. All you need to do is fill the  pocket shower, leave it for warming in the sun for a few hours, tie it to a tree & have fun while it showers for the next 8 minutes. No power required, easy to use & re-usable in a little less than 3 hours.

2. Joby Gorillatorch

Just like GorillaPods, GorillaTorch by Joby is a very useful piece of camping equipment to have. You can get this sweet LED based flashlight of about 65 LumenCree and attach it or curl it up on practically anything including tree branches, rock surfaces, etc. The flexible grip is what makes it a must have on your list for any camping camps. On just 3 AA batteries, this can last you as long as 80 hours at a stretch. The Joby Gorillatorch can be yours for only 30 USD.

3. CGear Multimat

This mat was originally designed as a deployable helimat which can easily absorb dust, sand & other debris and doesn’t let it escape. This dual layered design doubles up as a sun-shade or windbreak and gets resealed if a spark punches a hole in it. It is recommended for any summer camps for kids on the beach. The Cgear Multimat is available in different sizes & the price also varies with it!


4. Notebook BBQ 

It’s portable, light & can make you some fantastic BBQ snacks in no time. Imagine not having the hassle to carry heavy and bulky pieces of various equipment to cook your favorite snack. This is perhaps one of the most handy camping items you will buy for your camping trips anywhere. Even if you  go to an adventure camp anywhere in India, this Notebook BBQ shall be a very useful and handy item. Be it camping in India, carnival camps, soccer camps or anything fiesty, this one’s sure to get the attention.

5. Kitchen Sink

If you yourself are not into camping, but know people who like hiking off to adventure camps, this could easily be one of the best gifts you’ll give them this year. The collapsable waterproof Kitchen Sink can hold upto 20 liters of water (hot, hard, soft…doesn’t matter). When not in use it can fit into the palm of your hand or your back pocket. Proof how technology and modern science has given us such dexterous and handy camping items. Mark it on your list to buy this if you are a regular camper camping in India!!

These are only a few of the items we thought we should share with our fellow campers. As a camper in India, we believe there are tonnes of other goodies out there in the market that should have made it to the list. That’s why we will be featuring some other amazing camping gadgets that can make world of a difference to camping lovers. Coming back soon!

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