If you’ve been searching for an answer to the questions, Why go Camping? Or what are really the advantages of camping? Why do people talk about it so much? How do I start? I will be honest to the core & try and answer all of the above questions.

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Why go Camping?

“Why” is never enough a question. There never will be a satisfying answer. Some things are just worth trying out, even for the heck of it. As kids, “roughing it out” is pretty much the motto. While growing up, it is replaced by dreams of vacationing in big hotels with various facilities. But vacationing in a big hotel with big budgets does not necessarily mean a better vacation. What might sprout inside you could be a passion or hobby for a lifetime.

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Camping is a simply a wonderful way to unwind, spend quality time with your family & friends. You can do it without the need of any travel expert or any external agency whatsoever. Just Google a location till where you’re comfortable traveling, woods, beaches or maybe even massive meadows around your city. The idea is to connect with nature, not friends on Facebook or send email to your clients. Leave your iPads, phones& other gadgets behind (GPS, an exception) and take a closer look at the marvels of mother nature.

I am listing down what to expect when you do go camping:

  1. 1. Peace: You will feel at peace. The mentally as well as physically rejuvenating experience of camping can bring a fresh start to work & your daily metro life.
  2. Motivation: If your life has been taking a toll or your job isn’t going how they promised in University, you know you need a little motivation to fight it off. Camping out will motivate & inspire you enough to start with more courage. Expect new perspectives in your own life while at it.
  3. Rejuvenation: When you eventually do get over with your camping trip, you will realize that this fresh start was needed. Notice how everything gets or at least seems better once you’re back.
  4. Health Benefits: Yes. The amount of fresh air that goes into your lungs while in the wilderness, totally detoxifies your system. More oxygen, cleaner air & surroundings as natural as possible. You might realize that you needed this bit of physical exercise which you wouldn’t in the city.
  5. Meet new people: Another great reason to start camping is meeting new people & campers. Even if you are new to the whole idea of camping and don’t know where to start, you can always find company at the popular camping sites. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, learn from their camping experiences & most of all just have a good time with your new found friends.

Enough advantages of camping to get you started yet? So go ahead, open up Google.com on your browser and just search for “camping sites in UK” or whichever part of the world you are based in. Plan your itinerary and carry all the basic items required for camping.

You might need to purchase the right camping equipment before you start but this ought to last for a few years. So it will be an investment worth doing. You can find a great list of camping items that you can purchase at Love The Outdoors website here.

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