Infographics are fun, creative & well, for what the name’s worth, really quite full of information. Summers will be worth the wait for camping in 2013 with these wonderfully designed pieces of graphics. Since you can’t pack everything for your trip, we suggest you make sure to follow the ones we’ve listed here. Here’s a hand-picked list of 5 of the most amazing camping & outdoors inforgraphics that you will ever come across on the internet.

1. The History of Camping

So you think you knew everything about camping? Think again. This is how the trend actually started… camping history

2. How to choose & use a Backpack

So you think you knew everything there is about outdoors backpacking. This detailed piece of infographic will show you the way to pick up the right backpack for your trips, weekend, day or overnight. how to choose and use a backpack

3.  Tent Commandments

This is another very interesting infographic giving out tips on how to use tents while camping & things to do while camping with family. Anyone opting to go for camping in Himachal this weekend should keep these pointers in mind.

tent commandments

4. Mosquito Alarm

That irritating and sometimes potentially dangerous insect can be a big reason to worry for your family. You don’t want your experience ruined by something that can be killed with the snap of your fingers, do you? Here’s a small infographic that will help you become demagnetized to mosquito.

Source: American Mosquito Control Association
Source: American Mosquito Control Association

5. Camping Then & Now

Someone who’s new to camping gear & would like to get a taste of how camping used to be back then and how it differs now, will be feel quite informed at the end of it. A complete infographic with gearing essentials from the past & the present.

Source: EMS
Source: EMS

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