One of the best ways to unwind this season is to go out camping with your friends to Himachal. Nahan, is a lesser known tourist spot which can easily be counted as a destination where the commercialization is not upto the brim.  Adventure camps in Nahan or adventure camps near Nahan are a great way to spend time with the loved ones & explore the beauty of nature, pine trees & serene streams. However, responsible camping is something that is a must to maintain the discipline of nature’s laws & rules. There are various ways of making the weekend camping trips eco-friendlier.

Here’s a list of top 7 tips for Eco Friendly Camping In Nahan…

1. Pack your junk back:

It’s common sense right? Whatever junk you carry is meant for the garbage bins back in the city & not the jungle. Killing nature softly by leaving junk stuff you carry is not a sign of responsible camping in Nahan. Nahan is a great weekend getaway near Delhi and if not kept clean even by the limited number of visitors it currently draws, the beauty of the place shall fade away in no time. Most campsites have waste disposal problems, so it’s better you carry back everything you bought; cans, disposable plates & cutlery, plastic bags & packets of munchies. Even any leftover food items should not be left behind for animals to track down later.

2. Use Solar Powered Gadgets

Yes. Using solar powered devices for cooking etc. is perhaps one of the smartest ways of doing eco-friendly camping in Nahan. The direct sun rays is an excellent source of energy that can be tapped to minimalize the need for powering any gadgets. In fact so much so, you’ll find most camps and resorts in Nahan do not allow noisy & bad for the environment gas-powered generators. It’s better you keep as less gadgets as possible (excluding GPSbu!) to make sure your outdoors experience isn’t getting spoiled. You’ll find plenty of solar powered camping gadgets like solar powered backpacks, solar powered lights & solar powered bug zappers that keep your camping experience in Nahan smooth & guilt free.

3. Picking the perfect location for camp in Nahan:

What if you got an option of going for an awesome camping experience near Nahan, with a clear spring water stream flowing all along the campsite. Sounds fun? A healthy form of camping includes setting up a camp at least 200 ft. away from the water body. Tents should be set up in an area which doesn’t have too much vegetation happening, all kinds of soaps, shampoos & detergents should also be kept away from the stream to avoid unnecessary pollution of the ground water. When all kinds of artificial chemicals & compounds mix in the water, eco-system balance is sure to be thrown out.

4. Bring along reusable cutlery! Throw out disposables

Think about it. Using disposable cutlery is never a good idea for a camping trip. Leaving any disposable items randomly in the forests or camping sites in Nahan is not good only bad for the environment but also super expensive. One can also switch to reusable picnic supplies.

5. Avoid leaving charred/burnt stuff

Try not to set up a campfire in the places that are still green & undamaged. Instead, locate the existing campfire rings whenever possible. Using fallen timber is also a better idea than cutting down a tree for wood. In fact  using existing or fallen wood to do a bon-fire at any camps in Nahan provides a more pleasurable campfire experience. Make sure to put out the fire before leaving the campsites near Nahan. Also, watch out for fire restrictions, some areas might not be suitable for conducting a campfire as they are more prone to catching fire.

6. Use Recycled Material

Using environment friendly products while camping in Nahan is one of the best ways to stay eco friendly. Eco friendly campsites like Camp Roxx on the Nahan-Shimla highway has made sure to keep it’s environment neat & clean by banning any plastic materials to be allowed there. Apart from that, there are various camping materials manufacturers that use only environment friendly materials. So if you’re planning to purchase any camping materials, keep environment friendly the top priority.

7. Natural fire starters

A must carry on your list! What could be a better way to experience camping in the Pine forests of Shiwalik mountains. You can bring along some homemade firestarters made from refuse materials lying around in your backyard. For example, try dry grass & pine needles (something that is very common at camps in Nahan). Try leaving behind too many matchsticks and avoid carrying too much fuel too. It’s an extra baggage with little use for camping in Nahan.

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