Every couple in the world goes through the same challenges. Sometimes we make up, sometimes they do. One thing that is dead-sure to fix your relationship with that special someone is planning short trips depending on your work calendar. These beautiful short road trips from Delhi for couples might just help you create memories of a lifetime that can make your Instagram shine a little. But as you might already know, couple friendly getaways from Delhi are more than just a few.

So which ones are really worth your money & time?

We have some amazing experiences and locations depending on what you and your bae are interested in doing this weekend.

PS: Shimla, Manali, Nainital & the likes are not going to be on this list. These places have been done to death and best left for first time Himachal visitors. Want to do something more offbeat & fun? Try our list below

Selection criteria for our shortlisted locations:

  • Distance of every spot (except one!!) is 300 kms or less from Delhi
  • Every location has a property that is couple-friendly
  • All places have a unique experience they can offer
  • Perfect options for a quick touch-n-go kinda trip
  • The travel time for all of them is approx. 8 hrs (some are lesser!)
  • Recommended for couples running out of ideas for offbeat holidays

Here are the top 8 suggestions for short road trips from Delhi for couples

Kangojodi – Perfect Netflix Detox With Chill Vibes

Kangojodi is the first on our list of couple friendly getaways from Delhi. It is a reserve pine forest area with only one piece of private land. 3.5 kms deep inside this jungle, you can book a super-cozy offbeat nature camp for a night or two.

The best part is that it is hardly a drive of 5-6 hrs from Delhi-NCR. Also, it is open for a peaceful getaway in the hills all 365 days of the year.

Surrounded by Shiwalik hills, this campsite has everything to make you feel at home. Definitely, a great treat for people who are nature & mountain lovers.

Kangojodi - A new option for short road trips from Delhi for couples
Comfortable Stay
Camp Roxx a hidden offbeat forest retreat near Delhi
Night Time Scenes!
Road trip options close to Delhi - Kangojodi in Himachal
Private Party for 2
Daily Bonfire
Adventure Activities

You can spend the day trekking around the forest, take part in adventure activities or simply sun-bathe alongside a beautiful natural water body along it’s periphery. Its the perfect place to unwind and get some peace as close as possible to nature.

You also have the option to book the campsite for special events like birthdays, anniversaries & a get together with friends. Imagine having an exclusive private party for two in a 7 kms jungle. Exciting, yes?

These camps are open throughout the year regardless of the season and are a great option to whisk you crush away for a quick break in the hills. Highly recommended for short road trips from Delhi for couples.

Kanatal – The Majestic Misty Mountain Hop

kanatal weekend getaway around delhi for couples
Short Road Trips From Delhi for Couples- Kanatal

Kanatal is surrounded by beautiful mountain views of Garhwali peaks and the views here are nothing short of spectacular. If you have 2-3 days to spend with your loved ones, this place needs to be on your list for places to visit around Delhi in 2020.

It is located only 78 kms away from Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand. With a total distance of approximately, 300 kms from Delhi, you can reach here in about 8-9 hrs of drive depending on the weather and the season you’re travelling in.

If you’re the kind of person that loves snowfall, then we suggest traveling in the winter months. Otherwise this place can be witnessed at its busiest best comfortably in the Summer months. A perfect way to beat the Delhi heat!

You can book a property like Club Mahindra (Kanatal) for a luxurious experience in the mountains. They have options for adventure activities as well as yoga, meditation & spa with a full set of amenities. It is also co-incidentally the biggest property in the entire area.

Nature + luxury = an amazing weekend break!

Rishikesh – Adventurous couple’s getaways

Image Courtesy: Tour My India

Ok. So we’re breaking our promise of bringing up properties that are only unique & not very touristy. But then Rishikesh is one place that we can’t “not” put on the list purely because of it’s amazing vibe and mix of different cultures.

If you’re done trying rafting and camping in this area, we suggest you book a cozy Bed N Breakfast through AirBnB and give your bae a surprise by choosing a location somewhere close to the main town area which is extremely crowded.

You can always visit here for the amazing choice of cafés that serve fresh and super-healthy breakfast choices. The place is also frequented by people inclined towards learning yoga & meditation. Its not just a place significant for adventure but also spiritual tourism.

Since rafting is an ever favourite-adventure sport in this part of North India, it is worth visiting at least once. You will have many options to choose your stay depending on your plan & budget.

Mashobra – Road trip options close to Delhi

Image Courtesy: Lahaul Spiti District

Thankfully Mashobra is among the offbeat places that is still not visited by because of tourists. This can only mean one thing for you and your bae- A quick weekend getaway in the hills. 

Unfortunately, this one is not as short a drive as expected to be but considering that you can reach the place in about 9-10 hrs, it is worth considering as at least of of the option for weekend getaways in 2020.

The town is located in Shimla district And has a bunch of interesting spots that you can visit like the Jakhu Temple, the Ridge and the Christ Church. Couples can look forward to spending a quiet time together and go for nature treks or do some bird-watching in the right season.

The best months to visit Mashobra are September till January. April & May are also good months escape to this place because of the scorching Delhi summer which tends to get worse with every passing year.

Kasauli – Princess of Hill Stations?

Kasauli- short getaways from Delhi
Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor

Just 63 kms. ahead of Kangojodi is Kasauli. So if it takes you roughly 5-6 hours to get to Camp Roxx, you can drive for another 1.5 hrs and reach Kasauli.

So if you have 2 nights to spend in the hills somewhere close to Delhi and still keep it offbeat, make a stop at Kangojodi for a night and then move toward Kasauli the next day after breakfast.

This small ex-cantonment area is actually one of the best getaways from Delhi couples. It has a bunch of very interesting and luxurious stay options. And the views here are simply stunning. The more you wake up everyday and peep at the mountain peaks from your window, the more you never want to return to the city.

Taking a stroll on the Mall road, sunset point and Gilbert point are some things to do in Kasauli. Its perfect for a getaway close to nature without compromising on the old school feel of hill station charm.

One idea straight from a romantic novel is to skip the entire luxury bit and choose an Airbnb. Plan a surprise to wake-up early and cook a stylish breakfast for your better half.

The best time to visit Kasauli is from April to June and September to November. The day time can get a bit hot if you’re out in the sun but the nights are quite pleasant and cool.

Mandawa – Rajasthani Style Vacations for Couples

Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor

Jaipur is for oldies and foreign tourists in love with the packaged tours. But Mandawa is for the slightly more offbeat destination seeker.

Mandwa belongs to the funnily named “Jhunjhunu” district of Rajasthan. Don’t let it’s name spoil your mood because the drive to this place alone makes the place worthy of being on the list.

Perfect for winter escapades for couples, Mandawa is a small town about 258 kms which makes it a 6 hrs road trip (that’s not counting the massive Gurgaon & toll traffic btw). One of the best couple friendly getaways from Delhi.

Check out The Desert Resort on TripAdvisor. It offers a traditional Rajasthani style looking rooms and an authentic Shekhawati experience, the region it lies in. Perfect place to sit back and enjoy a weekend in the pool.

Pushkar – Hippie Couples Are Happy Couples

Image Courtesy: Exchanging Travels

Pushkar is one of the best couple friendly getaways from Delhi simply because of the amazing vibe of this place. It is the only place in the world with a temple of Lord Brahma.

The mostly hippie crowd around is a much needed cultural exchange once in a while and you can always find a nice café or two to hang out with your new friends during your weekend stay here.

The only biggest drawback with this place is that you need at least 2 days because the drive is slightly longer at about 414 kms.

One of the best couple friendly getaways from Delhi- Pushkar HAS to be on your list for visiting once in 2020.

Bhangarh – Ghost Stories Better Than Netflix

Image Courtesy: Culture Trip

Bhangarh is on the list of top 10 haunted places in India. However, this does not take away the charm of amazing setting and the history of it’s fort. It is a complete jungle area located just 27 kms before Sariska National Park.

The roads are in great condition till you reach a small broken road that leads to one of the most haunted forts in India. The locals believe they still hear strange noises from the fort at night once the gates are shut.

The fort itself is not quite well maintained but all the ruins there have a vivid history that you have to see with your eyes to believe it. Covered by wild bushes all around it’s a road trip not for faint hearted.

We suggest you book a room in Sariska at The Utsav Camp or The Sariska Retreat. It’s the ideal place for a couple to spend some time in luxury and peace. A birthday treat here could be a lot of fun!

Rajaji National Park – Vacations for couples that love wildlife!

Short road trips from Delhi for couples- Rajaji National Park
Image Courtesy: Leisure Hotels

Rajaji National Park is spread out in a huge area which covers three districts in Uttarakhand, namely- Dehradun, Pauri Garhwal & Haridwar.

A lot of the readers might not be aware that the National Park has been named after of the most reputed Freedom Fight leaders, C. Rajagopalachari (Rajaji), recipient of the highest civilian award- Bharat Ratna.

Even though it’s not at a very high altitude, the place itself is surrounded by not just one but 3 wildlife sanctuaries – Rajaji, Chilla & Motichur. These sanctuaries are a goldmine for those who have a keen interest in flora and fauna of Uttarakhand. Driving time is approx. 5-6 hrs which makes it a nice option for short road trips from Delhi for couples.

Wild animals like hornbill, Cheetal, Asian elephants, wild boar and other birds and reptiles can be spotted here easily.

In fact, compared to Jim Corbett National Park been done to death by tourists from around the world. Travellers have mostly complained of very little sightings of wild animals, in the recent years.

So when it comes to short road trips from Delhi for couples, this place is a great escape option.

We recommend you travel in the winter months though because in summers, it can get as hot as Delhi. However, if you still decide to go in the summer, plan it in the first half. Because of this reason the entry to this place is allowed only from November to June. And during the monsoon it is shut.

If you still want to travel somewhere in the monsoon in the hills, Kangojodi is a great option since it’s in a landslide-free area of Himachal.

Want to check our list of best nature resorts around Delhi? Read it here

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